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Latest work

Kingmedas Pansy Adonis Classic Guyana's 2nd Junior Olympic Games

This meet is for all athletes from all schools in all ten regions of Guyana . It's Guyana 2nd Junior Olympic games. Follow link for more details and registration.

Kingmedas Pansy Adonis Classic Road Race

This road race is for anyone in Guyana who would like to compete.

Working on a new project

The Kmpa foundation is about development and under this plan the foundation have begun by providing running shoes to hundreds of athletes in Guyana. Now we’ve turned to installing long jump pits at several facilities, with the first long jump pit dug at Buxton community center ground last year. For the month of June 2018, the foundation have dug another long jump pit at the Annandale Secondary school, while construction have began at President College to install an all weather run up to the jumping pit. The Kmpa foundation is of the belief that once these facilities have these equipment, the students will benefit.