Our Sports Organization Heads Still Don’t Understand Budgeting

May 15, 2019

After reading the Kaieteur News Paper of the reason for the hosting of the 2021 Carifta Games in Guyana, I was left in shock at what was said. First of all, I have no problem with Guyana hosting the largest track and field meet in the Caribbean, but is Guyana in a position to do it now: that’s a big NO.
As I go along I will explain. I would like the entire Country to research information related to the hosting of Carifta Games, Yes. As I did and understand the hosting responsibilities, it’s crazy how it’s being told of the responsibility of the Government. As I can say that in most countries the Government never put in the bulk of the money, they normally put about $200,000US dollars. Like St. Lucia, Guyana is in that state where we need to install New Electronic Systems because we don’t have any to say post the results after any race. Then we have the stands to construct, oh the warm-up track, what about the resurfacing of the track, just to name a few things to add up all these costs could well be over $6,000,000US dollars, yet still we have not included food, transportation, housing, security, just to name a few.
Like in the Cayman Islands the government had to pay down over $820,000 CI dollars which are more than $1,000,000 US dollars, so we leave with $5,000,000US dollars. With the NACAC normally giving $200,000 US dollars can someone tell me where the rest is coming from? Most of the other countries had money in their Association bank accounts, something we don’t have. Secondly, hosting the South American Games is no match for these games. My position is that way to spend $6,000,000 US dollars on one weekend, take that money to develop Durban Park into a Multi-Purpose Facility where instead of spending money on a Facility that’s way out of the reach of the masses and on a facility that is underutilized.
So because I’m well involved in sports in the planning stages, I have a wider scope of experience in funding and accountability for how money is spent. With the Multi-Purpose Facility, we can get a home for hockey, and other sports. This Facility will have, more toilets that are available in Leonora, more stands, better lighting, better Electronic boards with more Internet services, something we don’t have at Leonora, and the other facilities will be used for warm up then we can host the Carifta Games.
For too long we waste money on one Facility when that same money can give us another with the same price tag. My thinking is why to waste over $6,000,000 US dollars on an underutilized facility when we can construct a new facility with a better design, at the end of the day the Leonora Track will have to be resurrected. I give you a price tag the Association has not.
Andy Medas King.