NSC Donates Over 300 Medals to Medas King Pansy Adonis Classic

April 15, 2018

With the blessings of the National Sports Commission the KMPA Foundation King Medas

Pansy Adonis Classic road race and track meet was given a boast with the donation of oover 300 medals. On behalf of the NSC, Mr. Brian Smith made the presentation in the boardroom at their Homestretch Ave office to Daryl Medas of the KMPA foundation.
The King Medas Pansy Adonis Foundation expressed gratitude to Director of Sport Mr. Christopher Jones and his assistant Mr. Brian Smith for their commitment and dedication towards the development of sports and the development of Guyana’s first Junior ‘Olympic games’.
With the games set for the 14th to 17th of December at the Paradise Community Center Ground, East Coast, Demerara, the KMPA Foundation is also reaching out to the Minister of Sports Dr. George Norton with a special invitation not only as a Minister but also as an athlete, since there is a special category for government officials.
The organization would also like to thank all the athletes, coaches, teachers, sponsors, officials, parents and everyone who has been supporting this initiative from the beginning when it was just a road race.
The Foundation is reminding the general public to check out the website Kmpasport.com and for those still to register, they can click on the registration button and follow the instructions and register early for the event. The cost is $1,000 for three events with the road race included. Thanks have been once again expressed to the media, especially Kaieteur News and to the many sponsors of the event for their assistance in making the games a resounding success.