Registration Pours in for King Medas-Pansy Adonis Classic

April 15, 2018

In just about six weeks the KINGMEDAS-PANSY ADONIS FOUNDATION would be hosting its annual event at the Paradise Community Centre Ground located on the East Coast of Demerara from the 14th to the 17th of December that will see over $3million in cash and prizes up for grabs.
Registrations have begun to pour in for the event which is getting bigger each year and athletes are being reminded by organiser of the event Andy Medas King that they can go online at to register for the event.
The website was created for this purpose even though some athletes are still going for the paper registration. King shared with Kaieteur Sport that there are a few locations where registration forms can be uplifted and these locations included Sann Sports at Maraj Building, contact Sean Embrack on 664-2116, SafeTV Ch 2, contact Lorrie-Ann Adams on 218-1890 and Stokely at Golden Grove Market, East Coast Demerara, contact number 661-6054.
However, athletes are being urged to register online since there are a limited amount of hard copies of the applications forms. A fee of $1000 will register each athlete for both the Junior Olympic Games (track and field events) and the road race, and it can be paid online provided the registrant has access to a PayPal account. The track meet will be on the 15th and 16th and will feature five races, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m, while the 5k road race will be on the final day, the 17th.
The initial day of the four-day event will begin at 12 noon with a fun filled day of strictly field events consisting of discus, shotput, turbo and regular Javelin, long Jump, high Jump and triple Jumps . On the 15th of December there will be the 100m, 200m and 400m heats along with the 800m and 1500m finals for all ages. Then on the 16th of December there we will be having the 100m, 200m and 400m finals for which runs off at 10am sharp.
The curtains will come down on the 17th of December with the annual Road Race with the 1k for lads 12-years-old and younger, 2k for teachers and Government Officials along with the 13-16 age group and the 5k will be contested in 17-20 years age category along with the Seniors and the Masters divisions.
There will be trophies, laptops, desktops, flash drives and SD cards for giveaways but the only way to get these prizes, according to the organizer, is that students have to walk with a recent copy of their CXC results and must compete in the road race and finish the course.
The cash prizes will be enjoyed by the 17-20, Seniors, Masters, Teachers and Government Officials categories, while there will be a gate price of $300 per person and two for $500. The organizer noted that on day one there will be a lot of surprises and every event will be recorded and posted on YouTube.
On behalf of the Pansy Adonis Classic, Medas King thanked all of the sponsors of the event that includes Banks DIH, Sybils Bakery, Daddy’s Enterprise, Prodigal, Shelmac Photo Studio USA, Ansa Mcal, Island Express Brooklyn, National Sports Commission, AAG, Channel 9 Wake up Guyana Show, Star Party Rentals, Payless Variety Store, Prince Shipping Guyana & USA, Channel 2 Safe TV, Peleus, HGPTV/67, Nostrand Ave Paint and Hardware Y Mohammed, Signal department, track departments NYCTA and the Adonis Family and friends and Kaieteur News.

PUBLISH DATE:Nov 08, 2017