Online Registration for King Medas-Pansy Adonis Classic Begins

April 15, 2018

Andy Medas-King recently announced the launch of the King-Medas-Pansy Adonis’ Classic and Guyanese Athletes are now able to register on-line for the up-coming track meet and road race fixed for December 14-17.
The website is designed with Guyanese in mind since the organizer is trying to move away from late entries and paper registration.
While there would still be paper registration at some locations, Medas-King is looking to target the 10 Administrative Regions in Guyana but it will be difficult for athletes who resides in region 1,2 5,6,7,8 & 9.
According Medas King, although the KING MEDAS PANSY ADONIS FOUNDATION has not been given the recognition for its work, the organization continues to create the platform for Guyanese Athletes to reach their full potential.
A KMPASPORT facebook page has been launched with a link to their website which allows Athletes to fill a form to choose their events (three per person) while stating their age group, full name, date of birth, school they attend and the time they ran in those events. There is also an option for athlete to upload their birth certificate as a verification of their age.
The FOUNDATION has also put in place an option for Athletes unable to upload their birth certificate on-line, to go to the following locations. Stokely Barber Shop (tel 661-6054) in Golden Grove East Coast Demerara, Sean Embrack at Maraj Building (664-2116) and Lorrie Ann Adams at Safe TV Channel 2 South Ruimveldt Gardens (668-7897 or 218-1890).
The FOUNDATION is working to take track and field to another level in Guyana and this is one of the many ways Medas-King is using to help foster positive change. A fee of US$5 or G$1,000 (vie PAYPAL) will be charged to register online. Those without a PAYPAL account can let their overseas relatives register for them.
The KMPA continues to work with clubs that wish to submit paper registration and they can contact Medas King via whatsapp or phone (+1-347-613-1159). The deadline to register is Thursday December 7 so that the organization can prepare the ‘Heats sheet’ and facilitate the smooth running of the registration process.
“We would like to thank the many supporters because if it was not for you this could have never been possible. Also to the many parents and coaches who have worked tirelessly to get their athletes to the level of competition and to the officials and the onlookers.
The KMPA FOUNDATION says a special thanks to those who have worked long hours and had sleepless nights to get this website up and running. The KMPA website is 100% Guyanese and Tarlee Tiatum is the person behind it. He is creating a mobile app which is soon to be launched. KMPA would be working to update the website to meet all the needs of Guyanese Athletes,” Medas-King informed.
KMPA thanked the staff at Kaieteur News along with the staff at Chanel 9 TV and Basil Bradshaw, the host of the ‘Wake-Up Guyana’ show for their support.