Sports Policy Lack substance says athletics coach

June 25, 2018

With the national sports policy draft being made public it lacks substantial framework. Andy Medas-King the founder and organizer of the King-Medas Pansy Adonis Foundation is of the view that the government should have consulted with the different organizations in order to make this decision.
How can you draft a policy like that without the input of the various sports bodies; in the view of Mr. Medas-King its 90% short of what it should stand for. While it could be said otherwise this bill is very important for the good of the country and the athletes and coaches, while none of them have an input in the draft.
Medas-King was quick to say that as a game changer in the area of track and field in Guyana with his games, the sports policy team needs to meet with the coaches and heads of the different organizations to move ahead with something that will work for the people. While not going into details about what needs to be done Mr. Medas-King said that he’s open to an invitation so that he can make an input and things can be put into place. “This policy is for the country it’s for the future of the nation’s top athletes so when it come to my country I will definitely put my best foot forward, I will bring in some of the best experts even if I have to pay for their plane tickets to be in Guyana, I will that’s how serious this situation is. This is not to say that I’m trying to discredit anyone all I’m saying is, there are very few persons in Guyana who really understand what a sports policy needs to be like.”
“At the local level we can consult with and deliberate on a number of issues but the bottom line is what is going to work for best of our country,” he noted.
Mr. Medas-King who has shown a great amount of new ideas in track and field with his thinking where he has begun equipping schools with jumping pits, TURBO JAVELIN, discuss and shot puts, while introducing athletes from a tender age of 3yrs old to masters, bringing online registration to the sport, giving out computers to athletes along with scholarships with a wide variety of new ideas, is calling for a more open and involvement of the different organizations in sports in Guyana.

Kaieteur News:Sports Policy Lack substance says athletics coach